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Lockdown easing set to be delayed as working from home will continue

The prime minister is expected to confirm the decision during a press conference later on Monday

The UK government is set to end the lockdown restrictions in England later than June 21, the originally planned date, meaning workers’ returns to their offices will be delayed.

The BBC has reported that a number of senior ministers have agreed on a decision to maintain current rules for an additional four weeks.

As a result of the delay, people will still be encouraged to work from home if possible, while nightclubs will stay closed.

The prime minister is expected to confirm the decision during a press conference later on Monday.

The extension will be put to a vote in the House of Commons later in June, and could face a rebellion from a number of Conservative MPs.

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Stage four of the roadmap out of lockdowns will see limits on social contact gone, although mask wearing and social distancing could however remain.

Scientists have suggested the next step should be delayed as the Delta variant is more transmissible.

This, it is suggested, would allow the rate of vaccinations to increase, and minimise a potential rise in vaccinations.

On the other hand, some politicians and business owners are becoming frustrated at the news, as they consider the vaccine roll-out to have been a success.

Over 70m vaccine doses have been given out across the UK, as 55% of people receiving two jabs.

The hospitality industry is one in particular which has warned against the potential harm caused by the continuation of social distancing measures. Nightclubs and theatres also remain unable to operate.

Nightclubs and bars could sue the government to prevent a delay to coronavirus restrictions being lifted on 21 June in England.

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