Lush co-founder plans Aquis flotation

Lush co-founder Andrew Gerrie plans to float a new shell on the Aquis Stock Exchange. The plan is for Silverwood Brands to acquire and develop consumer brands. This could be established brands or newer ventures.

The strategy is to use shares and cash to acquire significant stakes in companies and build up a portfolio of brands in the food, wellness, lifestyle and leisure stakes. Silverwood Brands would then use its expertise to improve efficiency and marketing. The company will take a long-term view in developing the brands.

Hotel Chocolat (LON: HOTC) founder Angus Thirlwell will be an adviser. Andrew Gerrie has been a director of Hotel Chocolat since 2015 and they previously had a joint venture called Rabot 1745, which was established in 2016 to develop a range of beauty products i...

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