Morrisons makes first market share gain since 2011

Morrison’s growth has exceeded that of Sainsbury’s and Tesco for the second month in a row.

“Morrisons has seen the largest sales increase among the ‘big four’ retailers for the second month in a row, recording a sales growth of 0.6%, which has been supported by an increase in online shopping. Continuing to grow ahead of the market, the retailer has increased its market share to 11.0%, up 0.1 percentage points compared with a year ago. While only a small increase against a weak 2014, this does represent the first market share gains made by Morrisons since December 2011,” explains Fraser McKevitt, head of retail and consumer insight.

Savvy consumers are still exploring discount supermarkets as they turn their backs on the big four. Aldi achieved a record 5.5% market share and Lidl now has a 3.9% market share.

The volume of grocery sales are up 2% from a year ago but Kantar have said they do not anticipate further gains. Although volumes rose the prices have persisted in their decline. Research from Kantar World Panel shows that groceries are 1.7% cheaper than they were this time last year as food price deflation continues.

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