The number of new breweries is on the rise, and Britain’s taste for craft beer shows no sign of abating. However, non-alcoholic beers are still something of an enigma and breweries that create good, craft non-alcoholic beer are few and far between; something that entrepreneur Steve Dass hopes to change with his non-alcoholic craft beer company, Nirvana Beer.

The idea behind the business was to develop delicious, non-alcoholic beer alternatives for a growing number of people choosing to go alcohol-free or lower their intake. Though a few recognisable alcohol-free beers exist, they have long been regarded as poorer, tasteless versions of their intoxicating cousins – lacking in variety and failing to hit the spot when a refreshing beer is called for. But the potential for this to change is huge; according to the Office for National Statistics, the proportion of the population that are teetotal is growing; those between 16 – 24 that chose not to drink as grown by 40 percent over the last decade. Correspondingly, research shows that the non-alcoholic market is the largest growth sector in the beer industry. In order to capitalise on this, Nirvana Beer Co is looking for investment on CrowdForAngels.

Dass, the company’s founder, has worked in the industry for over seven years. He says:

“We’re aiming to create something that will be completely unique in this sector of the industry: non-alcoholic beers with all the artisan credentials of a great craft beer. Our hops and barley will all be locally sourced, and the final product will be rich in flavour despite being free from alcohol. What’s more, we’re aiming to create our beers to be also gluten free, so they’ll be suitable for people with coeliac disease or gluten intolerances.” says Steve Dass founder of Nirvana and who has worked within the industry for over 7 years.

Nirvana’s USP is their use of locally- sourced ingredients, traditional recipes, and the adoption of new modified brewing processes that are different from those currently used in traditional brewing in the UK and abroad to create something totally new for the market.

“From the offset we really want to develop a strong brand identity, an identity that looks as good as the beer tastes. Our craft beers won’t be watered-down, alcohol-free versions of an existing alcoholic product, they’ll have an identity that we’re sure will be a hit with retailers and consumers alike.”

“However, we need an injection of cash to purchase our specialist equipment and facilities we need to get started on our dream and make Nirvana Brewery the successful brand we want it to be. Once we’re up and running, the rewards will speak for themselves and we look forward to raising a glass with our sponsors!”

Nirvana Beer chose a CrowdForAngels as their crowdfunding platform, who were the first directly regulated crowdfunding platform for debt and equity funding. When asked what it was that drew them to CrowdForAngels, Dass said one reason was the minimum and maximum funding structure, which not many other platforms offer.

He also said, “I feel that they are eager to establish themselves and prove to the other big platforms that they have competition. As my company is at a relatively early stage, it was great to be able to sit face to face with them, and get the understanding of the platform and assurances a business of my size needs.”

Nirvana Beer Co are looking for an investment of £85,000 in return for 25% equity. With a minimum investment limit of just £25, why not head over to their campaign page for more information on how to get involved.

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