Power Metal Resources to carry out further investigation at Selta Project

Power Metal Resources announced an update for its lithium-focused exploration at the Selta project in Northern Territory, Australia today.

The project, which is currently held by Power Metal Resources’ 82.7%-owned subsidiary First Development Resources, was subject to a lithium-specific review based initially on further desktop analysis, following on from a recent in-depth data review covering the operation.

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The company commented that the review specifically focused on the potential of pegmatite geology across the Selta project, and its capacity to host lithium mineralisation.

The mining firm said the desktop work included a review of lithium-specific publicly available data, with a review of satellite imagery and hyperspectral analysis to find high-priority targets for additional field investigation.

According to Power Metal Resources, its multi-layered approach to the target definition process has so far identified several hundred coincident anomalies, which are potentially indicative of pegmatite geology.

The company added that 65 initial primary and secondary targets had been singled out for more in-depth investigation.

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First Development Resources have assembled a field investigation team which is scheduled to arrive on-site in the coming days to conduct mapping and surface sampling of the prospective targets identified.

“During our recent site visit to the Northern Territory, pegmatite style outcrop was observed within the Selta Project area, further adding weight to the findings from the original in-depth review of the Project,” said First Development Resources CEO Tristan Pottas.

“Given the potential for lithium mineralisation, we commissioned a remote sensing study to look at the pegmatite specific potential and following the identification of 65 prospective targets we have expedited a field-based work programme to test whether the identified targets host lithium bearing mineralisation.”

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