Rishi Sunak announces plans to weaken the country’s green policies 

Rishi Sunak has announced a raft of proposed amendments to the UK’s policies on meeting net zero targets.

The changes to policies are likely to include phasing out of gas boilers, prolonging the sales ban on diesel and petrol cars, and the cancellation of the energy efficiency regulations on home owners. 

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The PM is said to be preparing to announce the exact changes to plans on Friday.

The PM stated that the country will still reach the net-zero goals in more “proportionate ways“ and that his decision should not mean that the government is “losing our ambition or abandoning our commitments“. 

Sunak has further supported his decision by stating that he is putting the “long-term interests of our country before the short-term political needs of the moment“. 

The PM has been criticised by some Tory MP’s of doing just the opposite. 

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Conservative MP Chris Skidmore has commented on Sunak’s plan by stating that watering down on net-zero commitments will “cost the U.K. jobs, inward investment, and future economic growth that could have been ours by committing to the industries of the future“. 

Home Secretary Suelle Braverman said the UK government did not want to “save the planet by bankrupting the British people”.

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