Sony is no stranger to crowdfunding – it has used the platform to launch several of its own campaigns, including the popular Shenmue 3 game. However, it seems the company is branching out further by launching its own platform.

First Flight, Sony’s Japan-based crowdfunding site, aims to promote new business ideas from within the company. It allows investors to put money into ideas developed by its own employees, keeping them at the forefront of innovative new ideas as well as promoting their company’s talent.

The company said in a statement: “First Flight is intended to deliver experiences that move people emotionally through innovation. It will enable each start-up and their customers to share their ideas and inspiration, and then jointly bring those ideas to fruition through direct and interactive communication.”

First Flight currently offers pre-orders for two Sony-affiliated projects; the MESH Smart DIY kit, and the FES e-ink watch. The watch has already raised money on crowdfunding platform Makuake, and backed by Sony subsidiary Fashion Entertainments. Aiming to enter the smart watch market, it E-Ink display means the design can be changed, and it has a 60 day battery life. A third project due to launch on First Flight soon is a sleek all-in-one remote called the HUIS Remote Controller, which is already 20 percent of the way to its 5 million yen crowdfunding goal.

The service is currently only available in Japan, and there is no news as to if or when it might expand.

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