Stagflation, Burberry and Open Orphan with Alan Green

The UK Investor Magazine is joined by Alan Green for a rundown of key market themes and Uk equities.

We start by looking at Stagflation at the implications for the UK economy and markets. Stagflation is a period of rising inflation, economic contraction, and rising unemployment.

The UK satisfies the first two of these, however, unemployment remains robust. We look at whether rising inflation will soon hit jobs activity and what it could mean for equities.

We also discuss the relationship between the FTSE 100 and US indices and how this may develop if we see recession in the US.

Burberry has posted a respectable set of results and is proving a possible choice for income investors. Margins have improved with sales as the luxury brand jumps back from COVID.

Open Orphan’s valuation is worth attention. One could argue the current market cap doesn’t pay justice to their revenue growth and forecast profitability.

We update on the latest from Tertiary Minerals and their portfolio of assets including a selection in Nevada and Nambia.

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