The future of activist investing with Tulipshare

For those pushing for corporate change, activist investing is a movement gaining greater control and here to stay.

As a means to encourage companies to rethink investor strategies, buying and pooling shares together allow individuals to gain influence, lobby for change and pressure leadership to create positive change.

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Socially responsible investing is the new wave of activist investing. Whilst activist investors traditionally target companies that are poorly managed or have inefficient operations, there is a growing movement of investors who are focusing on issues like sustainability and diversity.

Launching earlier this year, Tulipshare is a new activist investing platform that empowers people and shareholders to make sustainable changes within the world’s biggest investment companies. By investing and owning shares, individuals can lobby greener changes that promote ethical changes.

The platform allows investors to own global companies such as Coca-Cola, Amazon and JP Morgan. However, rather than focusing on short-term gains, investors can collectively call for improved working rights, plastic consumption and an end to fossil-fuel investment.

The platform’s first campaign is calling on Apple to open up its repaid policies to enable third-party technicians to fix your iPhone. At the time of writing, it has raised over $33,000 worth of investments and after a year of owning shares, Tulipshare can submit an activist shareholder proposal at the tech giant’s next AGM.

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