The future of solar power generation and storage with Heliac

The UK Investor Magazine was thrilled to welcome Michael Lindegaard, CFO at Heliac, for an exploration of the future of solar power generation and revolutionary storage systems.

Find out more about Heliac on Seedrs here.

Heliac believes they are developing what will be a vital part of the net zero energy transition. Their solar foil produces emission-free power that can be stored in their patented Rockstore storage system.

Rockstore utilises rocks to store heat and is one the most competitively priced methods of energy storage and offers a real alternative to lithium batteries or pumped hydro.

We explore Heliac’s progress to date, including their first two solar panel installations constructed for energy major E.ON and district heat provider Norfors.

Michael explains that their technology operating profitably in Denmark bodes well for the scalability of their systems in other countries with far more daylight hours per year.

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