Tip: Totally plc revenue increases in an attractive sector

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Totally (Aim: TLY) reported Interims for the 6 months to September. Its turnover increased 14% to £61.1m with an increase in EBITDA to £3.3m from £2.3m while  Gross Profit Margins also increased to 18.8% from 17.8%. Since September,  TLY won and extended a few contracts for its range of healthcare services.

The Integrated Urgent Care services and Urgent Treatment Centres (UTC) won £22m worth which run for between 6 and 12 months. Also, the Insourcing Division, which supports the NHS in reducing waiting lists has new contracts in Blackburn, Rotherham, and Sheffield across multiple clinical specialities.

TLY was established to support the NHS and the need for its services has never been greater, but it operates within a tight band of cost and service delivery targets w...

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