Top Stock Picks for 2022 with Alan Green

Alan Green joins the UK Investor Magazine Podcast to deliver his top stock picks for 2022.

We touch briefly on the economic outlook for 2022 before delving into the companies Alan will be keeping a particularly close eye on next year.

Top picks for 2022:

Technology Minerals (LON:TM1)

Power Metal Resources (LON:POW)

Blue Star Capital (LON:BLU)


Poolbeg Pharma (LON:POLB)

Tertiary Minerals (LON:TYM)

Special Mentions:

Coinsilium (LON:COIN)

Cadence Minerals (LON:KDNC)

A number of these companies have been discussed in greater detail on the Podcast this year so do check back through for great insight on companies mentioned. 

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