Based in London’s tech hub, Silicon Roundabout, the Peopletrip app is a brand new platform hoping to help travellers simplify their lives.

The aims of the app are twofold. Firstly, to make travel planning easier and quicker, without having to spend hours online or buying expensive guides. The app will have a section for travellers to share their routes, advice and top tips for each trip. Secondly, the creators recognise that it can be difficult to find people to travel with. Whilst going it alone may seem appealing for some, it can be a daunting thought; however, they may not always want to go to the same places, or go at all – which can mean people don’t always get to travel when they have the chance. The app will intelligently match travellers looking for a trip partner, and operate as an instant messaging system to get to know each other and discuss plans.

The business is currently crowdfunding for investment on Seedrs, looking for a £70,000 investment in return for 12% equity. The campaign has only been running a few days and has already raised £20,000 of the target.

The creators, Paolo Dotta, Luca Comunian and Gabriele Pigoli, have done extensive market research on their idea. They see their target market smartphone users between 20 and 34 years old, unmarried and with an average salary of £20,000 plus. They estimate that around 200 million people worldwide represent this total market; meaning there’s plenty of potential users out there.

Furthermore, the company point to the fact that roaming charges will be abolished in all 28 countries of the EU by December 2015, making it even easier for Peopletrip users to stay connected and interact during their journeys.

They have a complete marketing strategy to put the money raised through crowdfunding to best use, combining PR activities, flyers in main square, clubs and universities in London and Milan with paid social media marketing campaigns, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. A further incentive for investors is that the ap is eligible for SEIS tax relief, providing individuals with 50% of their investment back in income tax relief.

For further information on investing in Peopletrip, visit their campaign page on Seedrs.


Miranda Wadham on 05/08/2015
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