Trump at a Press Conference at Trump Tower, 2015

President Trump poses the greatest risk for regular investors in the world – even ahead of a possible recession in China – but there are also important opportunities, affirms the CEO of one of the world’s largest financial services organisations.

deVere Group founder and CEO, Nigel Green, is speaking out after significant Trump-triggered global market sell-offs last week ahead of his maiden foreign trip as president.

Green believes President Trump and his administration is the single biggest threat to investors’ portfolios in the near term for several reasons, including the uncertainty caused by allegations that he attempted to prevent ex-FBI director James Comey investigating ormer national security adviser, Michael Flynn, and the Trump administration’s alleged links to Russia.

Green said: “Being the CEO of the world’s largest economy, a U.S. president’s actions and policies will always have an effect on markets and, therefore investors’ returns. But Trump’s unpredictability, the scandals that swirl around him, and the media’s obsession and magnification, make this a unique set of circumstances.

“Trump is creating volatility and is likely to continue to do so. But whilst this can pose a real threat to those who are unprepared, complacent, or who overreact, volatility is good for markets and savvy investors alike, because it generates important investment opportunities,” he concluded.

President Trump is currently on a visit to the Middle East, where he has urged Arab and Islamic leaders to unite to defeat Islamist extremists. Speaking in Israel on Monday, he said he had come away from his recent state visit to Saudi Arabia with high hopes for peace and stability in the Middle East.

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