Tweet of the Week: 12th October 2018

Tweet of the Week: 12th October 2018


A week on from Theresa May’s ABBA-themed riposte to those who mocked her dancing, tensions surrounding Brexit negotiations have spiralled into a bizarre dance-off between the Prime Minister and her opponent in the exit talks, President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker.

After a Daily Telegraph journalist accused Juncker of mocking the Prime Minister by doing his own jig on stage before a speech in Brussels on Monday, a commission spokesperson tweeted the reporter to “relax”, and reminded him that “Without a song or a dance what would our life be?” echoing ABBA’s ‘Thank You For the Music’.

If Juncker’s ‘Maybot’ was a sly attack at May’s performance last week or simply a harmless bit of fun, it was probably not what the PM had in mind when she demanded “respect” from the EU last month after her humiliation at Salzburg. Moreover, as the Article 50 deadline fast approaches, what might Juncker’s moves mean for a successful Brexit?

As the tweet exchange between the Telegraph writer and the EU spokesperson came to head, here is how Twitter reacted: