00:33BST – Former Speaker of the House John Bercow has said that the initial results have been disastrous for Labour.

00:29BST – Swindon North are announcing their results. Justin Tomlinson (CON) wins the seat with 32,584 votes.

00:24BST – Labour have held Middlesborough, Labour 5 Conservatives 1.

00:07BST – The Shadow Chancellor has said it will be “really disappointing” if the exit poll is accurate.

00:06BST – Sunderland Central. Julie Elliot (LAB) wins the seat with 18,336 votes.

00:04BST – Newcastle East are declaring their results.

11:54BST – Liberal Democrat candidate Christine Jardine has said that the poll results in Scotland are “very surprizing”.

11:48BST – Swindon North are expected to announce their results shortly.

11:46BST – Twitter have responded to the Blyth Valley results.

11:41BST – The full results for Blyth Valley are listed below:


11:33BST – Conservatives win Blyth Valley, a swing seat that changed hands. The first of what could be a few seats that the Conservatives take from Labour

11:31BST – Labour heading for Number 10 as it stands, Labour 2 Conservative 0


11:30BST – Houghton & Sunderland South are the second seat. Bridget Phillipson wins the seat as a Labour representative.

Updates on the British Pound:

11:26BST – The first seat has been announced for the 2019 Election. Newcastle upon Tyne Central. LD 2,709, Brexit Party 2,542, Labour 21,568, Conservative 9,290, Green 1,365. Chi Onwurah wins the first seat of 2019.

11:21BST – An exit poll carried out by Ipsos Mori has predicted that the Conservative Party will win the election with 368 seats, with a majority of 86 seats in the Commons.

11:19BST – Don Valley could fall in Conservative Hands of Nick Fletcher, another swing seat which has taken by the Tories.

11:16BST – It appears that the Liberal Democrats will need to think about the prospect of a new party leader. Did Jo Swinson ever really attach to voters? Apparently not.

11:13BST – Football fans giving their piece – it seems that some fans are more worried about their team’s Premier League fixtures on Saturday rather than the daunting nature of the exit polls.


11:04BST – If Corbyn were to depart, John Mcdonnell has flirted with the prospect of taking over as an interim leader, however he has just said he has no intentions of running as permanent leader. The decision by Mcdonnell may come at a cost for Labour, a very credible candidate with a wealth of experience.

Former Spurs player Jamie O’Hara had his say on Twitter. Jamie now plays for Billericay Town in Essex for keen fans.


10:55BST – Navigating an election in the system of Parliamentary democracy is a tricky task, and certainly this election has not filled either voter base with much confidence.

10:53BST – It seems that the hype of the election has crumbled on the exit poll, looking at Twitter and other social media platforms, Labour Party voters have lost all confidence and certainly did not expect such landslide figures in the exit polls.

10:44BST – As rosy as the exit polls do look for the Conservative Party, it is important to remember that this is only based on 144 seats. I feel there are still a few more twists and authorturns which may be seen across the night.

10:40BST – Where does the future of Jeremy Corbyn lie? Who are the options for the next Labour leader? Many questions must be circling Labour party supporters …

10:36BST – If the SNP were to get their allocated 55 seats, could this lead a push for another Scottish Independence Referendum?

10:32BST – Labour results in the exit poll show one of Labour’s worst performances in British Political History.

10:29BST – Boris Johnson has just updated his twitter following.

Constituencies remain busy as votes are tallied.

10:22BST – The British Pound has spiked on the announcement.


10:20BST – Bolsover expected to be a Tory Seat

10:16BST – Barry Gardiner talking on sky did not really seem surprised as one would expect as a high profile member of the Labour Party – makes voters wonder whether Labour had expected this as polls opened this morning.

Interesting exit poll, in an election where no party really built enough trust with a entire group of voters – it seems that Labour have not done enough and have massively disappointed their voter base.

10:10 BST – Sky have just said that the exit polls make boring television, it seems that many did not expect the exit polls to show such a strong Conservative majority

Corbyn from the result of the exit poll could go down as one of the worst performing Labour Party Leaders.

He said the following:

Exit Poll reactions:

10:00 BST – The Exit Poll results show a 368 Conservative Majority, Labour 191, LD 13, Brexit Party 0, SNP 55, Other 22, Green 1.

The British media are preparing for a busy night ahead,

Alastair Campbell had his say earlier in the day

As polls are set to close, the nation prepares for one of the most uncertain elections in years.


Interesting stat for football fans.

MEP’s have taken to Twitter to encourage voting in the final few minutes.

Former English Rugby player Brian Moore has had his say on the election, seemingly bored of Westminster antics.

All 650 seats have been contested in today’s election.

The winning line in the 2017 election saw a spread of: 318 Conservative, 202 Labour, SNP 35, Liberal Democrat 12, DUP 10, Other 13.

The UK Investor Magazine will give updates on the UK General Election as we hear the results and news.

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