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WATR – The Smart Water Quality Monitor accelerates growth plans on the Seedrs platform

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WATR – The Smart Water Quality Monitor which has the mission to improve water quality around the globe has launched on the Seedrs Crowdfunder platform.

The business that took Web Summit by storm three years ago and made it to the investor final in front of over 20,000 people is ready to kick start mass production and progress expansion plans. Over the last three years WATR has evolved from an embryonic idea to proof-of-concept and prototype. WATR is now in the exciting position to begin mass-production and launch the product worldwide.

The product has been nominated as finalists inedie’s Sustainability Leaders Awardsin the Water Management category.

Water is the most valuable resource on the planet and is needed for survival, but it is well documented that water quality around the globe does not meet the standards required. As a result, 1 million people die each year from poor water sanitation and hygiene-related diseases.

The UK has over 4,000 waterways and the Environment Agency have released a report that states that none meet the required standards of water quality. 

WATR – The Smart Water Quality Monitor (www.watr.tech), is a product that aids the mass deployment of sensor units due to the cost effectiveness and portability of the product, this makes it possible to monitor water quality data live across millions of sites.

The product has been described as “the smoke detector for the water industry”

Unlike its competitors, WATR is low-cost, solar-powered and low-maintenance, whilst offering a wide array of multi-parameter probes for different use cases.

The product communicates live data, 24/7, to our desktop and mobile dashboards. alerts and notifications can trigger early intervention to issues. 

This reduces the impact on the environment andthe financial costs of rectifying the problem, as well as limiting the impact of negative PR on a business’s reputation and share price.     

The dashboard provides the opportunity to track trends across all units deployed through artificial intelligence. 

The API ensures that data can easily integrate with our customers’ existing data dashboard services and also control equipment, such as aerators and pumps, for automated intervention.

During 2020, we have focused on the positives and continued with our product development, deploying units as part of water company trials. 

To date, these have been extremely successful – we have a letter of intent for 108 units to be installed in catchments and reservoirs, with potential for nearly 1,500 units to monitor up and downstream wastewater outlets. 

2021 begins with new projects. WATR are in partnership with two other UK water companies and in discussion with others from around the globe. 

The combined global target market is worth over £4bn across the industry including drinking water, utilities, agriculture, fashion, fish farms and many more.

“With this fundraising round, we would love to revolutionise the water industry and significantly improve water quality across the globe. 

This Seedrs campaign is a unique opportunity for us to supercharge our growth, by bringing our valued connections on board as shareholders

It doesn’t matter how large or small your investment is, we’d like as many people to come on this journey as possible.” – Glyn Cotton co-founder, CEO.  

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