Apple announces the release of noise-cancelling AirPods Pro

Apple announces the release of noise-cancelling AirPods Pro
Apple announces the release of noise-cancelling AirPods Pro

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) is due to release the AirPods Pro on Wednesday.

AirPods Pro

The updated version of wireless headphones detect noise, and cancel it by producing opposite sounds.

Noise-cancelling AirPods are appealing to those who work in noisy environments as well as commuters.

AirPods Pro will cost £250 in the United Kingdom.

Consequently, AirPods Pro come at a much higher price than AirPods which are on sale for £159 in the United Kingdom.

Noise-Cancelling Technologies

There is an increasing demand for noise-cancelling technologies as more and more people face the consequences of noise pollution in modern cities.

Noise can be particularly disturbing for people who handle complex and time sensitive tasks.

Apple incorporated recent developments in noise-cancelling technology into its wireless headphones to meet increasing demand.

Furthermore, AirPods Pro come with two microphones. One of the microphones is external. It detects environmental noise.

The internal microphone blocks out noise detected by the external microphone.

Additionally, this newly developed technology is extremely fast.

AirPods Pro updates itself 200 times per second in order to cancel out external noise.


Apple continues to develop products that are customizable to make its products accessible and useful for a wider range of customers.

AirPods Pro reflects Apple’s commitment to inclusivity.

The newly developed wireless headphones are adjustable in size.

The adjustable size of AirPods Pro makes the product appealing to those with larger or smaller ears than the norm.

Safety Concerns

Safety concerns linked to the use of headphones have been rising amid an increasing number of traffic accidents.

In order to address these safety concerns, AirPods Pro comes with a transparency mode that allows users to hear external sounds while listening to music.

The transparency mode targets users who wear AirPods Pro in environments where cancelling noise can lead to potential danger.

Growth Potential

Apple remains to be a stable choice for investors. Although Apple announced a 5% decline in its profits earlier this year, the release of AirPods Pro opens up an opportunity for recovery.

Upward movement in Apple’s stocks continues as the company reaches new all-time high closing prices five times only in October.

If demand for AirPods Pro meets Apple’s expectations, Apple is likely to increase its revenue by the end of this year.

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