C4X Discovery Holdings and E-Therapeutics have announced the developments of a potential treatment of Parkinson’s Disease.

The companies have identified new approaches to drug targets for the potential treatment of the disease. On the announcement, shares in E-Therapeutics edged up by 4%.

The collaboration of the two companies was first announced on 1 May 2018. Today, they have identified novel intervention strategies for the potential treatment of Parkinson’s.

C4X Discovery is a pharmaceutical company that aims to be one of the world’s most productive drug discovery and development companies. Equally, E-Therapeutics seeks to accelerate drug discovery with an innovative view of disease networks.

The collaboration between C4X Discovery and E-Therapeutics has highlighted additional innovative biological pathways for the treatment of Parkinson’s.

Both companies have expressed the view that additional work in this area has the potential to redefine Parkinson’s treatment.

Chief Scientific Officer at C4X Discovery, Craig Fox, commented on the announcement:

“Following the identification of novel drug targets for the treatment of PD from the direct findings from our Taxonomy3® platform we recognise there still remains untapped potential in this proprietary analysis. By working with the team at e-therapeutics and utilising their NDD platform, we have been able to access cutting-edge mathematical and data analysis techniques to augment and interrogate the vast amount of biological information currently available in both public and private databases. This combination has identified additional novel biological pathways for the treatment of PD and we look forward to moving these findings forward to initiate new drug discovery programmes.”

Additionally, Alan Whitmore, Head of Discovery Biology at E-Therapeutics, said:

“The initial results from this collaboration highlight the critical importance of considering biology in a network context to gain insights into clinically relevant biological mechanisms in complex disease. The ability to link genetic data to disease mechanism remains one of the greatest challenges of our industry. By using the advanced computational analytics of our NDD platform, we have been able to confirm the centrality of a number of known mechanisms in PD and, importantly, identify potential new ones. This in turn, opens up the prospect of new approaches to the discovery of effective novel drugs to tackle this and other undertreated, debilitating conditions.”

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At 08:43 GMT yesterday, shares in C4X Discovery Holdings plc (LON:C4XD) were trading at +2.76%.

At 08:13 GMT today, shares in E-Therapeutics plc (LON:ETX) were trading at +4.08%.

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