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Morrisons testing new concept of store with no tills

The Morrisons store is portable and can be transported to other locations

Morrisons (LON:MRW), the British supermarket chain, has opened a shop without tills, where customers can pick up their shopping and walk out with no assistance.

The store is a test of a new concept being developed by the supermarket, based close by to its head office in Bradford. The company has plans to open additional stores across the UK in due course.

Shoppers are able to go into the store once they have scanned their key on a special Morrisons app.

Digital cameras then track shoppers, identifying which items they put into their bags, and then charge their account accordingly.

As of now, the shop is a mini-version of a Morrisons store and is portable, meaning it can be transported to another location in a large vehicle.

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This feature is especially useful as it means the stores can be set-up quickly and disassembled in not easily accessible areas, including university campuses or train stations.

It has been reported that a trial a version of the store that is available to the public will appear before the end of the year.

Amazon, earlier this year has opened a till-less grocery store in London, its first “just walk out” shop outside of America.

Morrisons remains in the middle of a takeover attempt as there is competition among leading private equity companies to acquire the supermarket.

The business consists of just under 500 stores and over 110,000 employees across the UK.

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