Events hire company Positive Fokus has kicked off a crowdfunding campaign on Crowd2Fund, and are seeking investors to help take their innovative brand forward.

Positive Fokus initially began as a hobby for founders Seain Loughlin and Adam Savant, combining their love of both sound and good quality sound systems. Since 2005, their passion has grown into a fulltime business, encompassing a number of ancillary services including technicians, audio, lighting and staging.

The founders’ combined experience was perfect for starting the business, with Adam working as an audio technician and Seain in event logistics and sales. The name of the business is indicative of the company’s founding ethos; to make a positive contribution to their stakeholders and community at large.

From its humble beginnings, Positive Fokus now puts on events at some of the most renowned venues all over the UK including Glastonbury and Port Elliot festival. The company has also been used by blue chip names including Channel 4, and some of the most exciting brands in the UK such as Secret Cinema.

Positive Fokus is creative and innovative in its approach and with how it engages with clients; a recent event put on for Twitter focussed on live streaming video and encompassed a number of cutting edge interactive features.

The company are now seeking a £60,000 loan on, with an estimated APR of 10 percent, in order to meet growing demand.

The founders of the business believe that this creativity, alongside their understanding of technology, are core components which will enable them to remain competitive in their marketplace and to continue to grow. The loan will be used to increase awareness through marketing and the procurement of new equipment.

Sean Loughlin said of the choice to crowdfund: “In order to meet growing demand from some of the world’s top brands we need to continue to invest. We plan on using a portion of the funds on new lighting equipment in order for us to provide the best experience for our discerning client base. We will also use a portion of the funds to revamp the website.”

The company chose to seek financing from over traditional lenders due to the platform allowing their customers and stakeholders a deeper level of engagement with the business.

“Crowdfunding is creative by its nature, and fits with our ethos of making a positive contribution to society. Crowd2Fund seemed like the perfect fit for us due to their transparency, track record and similar values”, Loughlin added.

For more information, visit their campaign page on Crowd2Fund.

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