Rize launches new digital payments ETF

 ETF provider Rise has announced the launch of a new ETF providing European investors with access to a basket of digital payment shares.

Their new ETF is designed to focus on companies enabling the digital economy with payments services as well as cryptocurrencies.

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Rise recently announced they had reached $500 million in AUM having previously launched a selection of ETFs including the Rize Cybersecurity and Data Privacy ETF, Rize Medical Cannabis and Life Sciences ETF and Rize Environmental Impact 100 UCITS ETF. 

“Our new investment strategy and ETF is a nod to the inevitability that financial services are succumbing to digitisation. In the past decade alone, a new and powerful economy for digital payments has emerged,” said Rahul Bhushan, Co-Founder and Director at Rize ETF.

“This economy offers speed, agility and convenience. It has also instilled a sensibility in us that payment transactions can happen seamlessly in the background as we hop in and out of Ubers.”

“COVID-19, too, has catalysed a cross-generational shift towards contactless payments and digital currencies. But we believe this to be just the start. In the years ahead, ecommerce growth, enthusiastic adoption of transparent payment experiences and alternative transaction modes are going to continue to drive non-cash momentum. We believe this will support valuations of today’s digital payments leaders. Importantly, we also believe that today’s institutional strangleholds on not just payments but also other banking services such as credit, savings, investments, insurance, etc… will get unravelled in the next decade. This will yield a new digital finance economy that is better connected, faster, built for the consumer and most importantly, both equitable and inclusive.”

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