Spectra Systems: Pioneer in Machine-Readable Covert Polymer Substrate

Spectra Systems received positive responses on the introduction of their machine-readable covert polymer substrate at the Banknote Conference.

Spectra Systems focuses on security technology inclusive of both software and materials to be used in gaming, product authentication and banknotes.

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TruNote and Trutrack are two proprietary products of Spectra Systems. TruNote enables smart phones to detect materials that prove the authenticity of banknotes. Trutrack tracks the authenticity and geographic location of banknotes.

During the conference in Washington, Spectra Systems introduced for the first time, Fushion machine-readable, covert polymer substrate. This substrate is a breakthrough in banknote protection. The presentation organised by Dr. Nabil Lawandy, Chief Executive Officer, received great reactions by the attendees.

With the help of biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP), Spectra created the new covert polymer substrate. The substrate allows for high speed authentication and very good reliability in banknote security. The product allows central banks to create their own unique codes which would detect and be verified by the paired sensor system.

The current capacity for these substrates is 2 billion notes per year, with that capacity expected to expand to 10 billion by the end of 2020.

Dr. Nabil Lawandy, Chief Executive Officer of Spectra, stated, “We are extremely pleased with the response to our breakthrough product and the opportunity to have in person discussions with potential customers and strategic partners.”

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