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CybeX is a newly established technology driven global security company, with a focus on the convergence of cyber security and private security services, major event security, counter surveillance, vetting and risk management, critical national infrastructure and debt collection.

The Market

Cyber security has been one of the fastest growing security verticals and markets globally since the turn of the internet age and the global cyber security market is expected to grow from £100bn ($137bn) in 2017 to £200bn ($231bn) by 2022 at a CAGR of 11.0%.

The major forces driving this growth in the market are the strict data protective directives and cyber terrorism which has been on the geopolitical spectrum in recent times.

In addition, the market is growing rapidly due to the growing security needs associated with the Internet of Things (‘IoT’), Bring Your Own Device (‘BYOD’) trends and the increased deployment of web and cloud-based business and government applications.

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As per a Frost & Sullivan report conducted in 2017, the global security market is forecast to continue to grow at just over 5% annually with cyber security growing at 11%.

The global cyber security market can be segmented by various industry verticals, out of which the adoption of security solutions is expected to be the highest in aerospace and defence, as the critical data and applications used are vulnerable to advanced cyber threats.

It is expected that over the course of the next few years cyber security will continue to be in high demand and be in high demand and be widely adopted by governments and the private sector.

Integrated Security Solutions

CybeX is aiming to become the largest globally integrated security solutions company with a broad portfolio of security services operating across major industry verticals with multiple end user clients in both the private and public sectors.

The cyber security startup will help its clients to enhance their ability to respond to cyber-attacks, benchmark their current data protection capabilities to industry standards whilst evaluating their security and incident response policies to ensure there are no major gaps in their systems.

The Company’s attack prevention services include both internal and external assessments to systems, application and facilities that include but are not limited to:

  • Cyber risk assessment and analysis;
  • Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing;
  • Physical security measures and assessments;
  • Wireless network security assessments;
  • Breach and data compromise assessments; and
  • Policy and procedure review and design.

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Potential Exit

Within five years, the Company will also consider the sale of the entire organisation in order to release cash back to the shareholders, through a trade sale or IPO.

The firm should have access to a range of security markets globally, generating revenues in excess of £182m and pre-tax profits of £89.2m.

With the firm cemented as a leading online and physical security services company, it is expected to have a net asset value of £129.3m and thus the IPO value could be significantly higher when accounting for EV multiples on exit.

With significant in-depth research and analysis, the Company estimates current market EV ratios to be 13.36x and after taking into account risk and liquidity discounts, CybeX could achieve a ratio in the region of 9.3x resulting in an IPO valuation of £830 million or £53.40 per share when taking into account the total number of shares expected to be in issue.

Download the CybeX Security Investor Presentation