Unlocking value in Lithium, Rare Earth and Iron Ore assets with Cadence Minerals

The UK Investor Magazine Podcast is joined by Kiran Morzaria, CEO of Cadence Minerals.

Cadence Minerals is an investor and cornerstone partner in the discovery and development of mineral resources for a sustainable future.

The company has a broad portfolio of mining assets targeting Lithium, Rare Earths and Iron Ore.

Cadence Minerals is mining investment company rather than a mine operating company. This strategy is designed to reduce the risk of the portfolio, whilst providing a significant level of diversification.

Cadence invests in both private and public assets, Kiran outlines their approach for each and outlines a number of their assets.

We discuss Cadence’s Amapa Iron Ore asset in Brazil, previously owned by Anglo American. We explore the potential of the Amapa mine and the key milestones on the path to unlocking the asset’s value. Anglo American’s 70% stake in the had previously been valued at $462m.

Cadence has a number of Lithium assets and we talk through their stake in European Metals Holdings which operates the Cinovec mine in the Czech Republic. European Metal Holdings is planning to deliver 25,267 tpa lithium hydroxide or 22,500 tpa lithium carbonate into the European battery market from the Cinovec mine.

For more information, please visit the Cadence Minerals website.

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