US Election: Bernie Sanders narrowly wins New Hampshire primary

US Election: Bernie Sanders narrowly wins New Hampshire primary

The US Election is well underway, and certainly the race for the White House is heating up as we edge closer to the November unveiling of results.

As states prepare for their relevant primaries of caucuses, many have speculated on the uncertain nature of the 2020 US Election.

Last night was the turn of the New Hampshire Democratic Primary, and this was a contest which was not to be missed.

New Hampshire is notoriously a famous seat in the US Election as it is known for its plurality of independents running, its volatile nature and its wide demographic base.

This was the second state in the election cycle that would be voting for their representative, following Iowa a few days back.

It was announce that Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders had narrowly won the New Hampshire Democratic Primary.

Interestingly, many have speculated about the possibility of Sanders running directly against Trump in this election. The optimistic nature of Sanders combined with his slightly left wing but liberal views mean that he is a hit with voters – however will he be able to do enough to be the incumbent that is Donald Trump?

The win for Sanders did deal a blow to rival Joe Biden, who faced a stint as Vice President within the Obama years, however both Biden and Sanders have become strong contenders for 2020.

“This victory here is the beginning of the end for Donald Trump,” Sanders told supporters in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Sanders has pledged to make the tax system more progressive in America and promote issues such as inequality to take power away from big corporations and businesses.

The challenges faced for the Democratic Party are still quite unclear in this election, with the campaign of Sanders there is a clear candidate who could challenge Trump to the last hurdle however incumbent President’s always have an advantage.

Sanders won the Primary last night with 26% of the vote with Buttigieg just losing with 25%.

Notably former Vice President Biden only took 8% of the vote, however elections do have a way of swinging when results seem to be consolidated.

“It ain’t over, man. It’s just getting started,” Biden told supporters in South Carolina.

“We just heard from the first two of the 50 states,” he said. “Where I come from, that’s the opening bell, not the closing bell. And the fight to end Donald Trump’s presidency is just beginning.”

The US election is certainly heating up, and many will be looking at the next set of primary and caucuses to see how events unfold.