Woolworths rumour mill grips Twitter

If you’ve spent any time on the world’s angriest social media platform today, you’ll have seen people’s hearts filled with joy at the news that their old, favourite goods store – Woolworths – will be returning to the high street – and then crushed into teeny tiny pieces when they discovered it was a hoax.

Responding to a Tweet by a fake account with 900 followers, media outlets flocked to bring this piece of British nostalgia back to life, in hopes that it would somehow redeem what has been an otherwise shocking year.

Unfortunately, it appears more than likely the Tweet was nothing more than a ruse by a cruel attention-seeker, who has nonetheless left Twitter users frantically scratching their heads over this odd, and typo-laden post:

With the news breaking, or rather, un-breaking, many have taken to Twitter to voice their frustrations, over the comeback story that was simply too good to be true.

With the owners of the Woolworths trademark, Very Group, declaring the account that posted the relaunch news does not belong to them, many were left deflated. That was, until the company said that they would not categorically rule out a comeback.

So, a hoax it may be, but perhaps a useful set of feelers for Very, to see whether the Woolworth brand still has traction, and in turn, whether it IS in fact worth bringing back in future.

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