Grand Vision Media Holdings targets Chinese middle class with advertising solution

Grand Vision Media Holdings targets Chinese middle class with advertising solution

Grand Vision Media Holdings (LON:GVMH) is targeting the middle class in China with an innovative advertising solution.

Targeting China’s Middle Classes 

The company, which has been listed on the London Stock Exchange as of June 2018, is deploying 3D technology in popular, high-traffic locations, as part of its targeted advertising strategy.

The firm specialises in glasses-free 3D technology, which is utilised as a means of engaging with China’s growing box office audiences, in turn developing a new advertising approach for various brands looking to crack into the Asian market.

Following their debut on the London Stock Exchange, GVMH raised £1.01 million. The market cap of the firm is currently valued at £21.6 million.

Experienced Management Team

At the helm of GVMH is Chief Executive Jonathan Lo. Prior to having founded the company, he started his career at Ernest & Young in London. He later joined Price Waterhouse Management Consultant’s Hong Kong branch.

The firm’s Executive Director is Edward Ng, a professional fund manager.

Back in 2005, Edward founded Primasia Pacific Mid Cap Fund, which has since been re-named as CAP China Fund. He is also a director for various other companies focused upon investment.

Ajay Rajpal holds the title of GVMH’s non-executive director.

A chartered accountant, Rajpal has worked extensively in Europe, the US, the Middle East, as well as the Far East.

His experience lies in particular with financial management and restructuring procedures.

A Booming Chinese Cinema Market

Unlike Europe, China’s cinema market continues to expand, with 1,200 new cinemas since 2017. Moreover, last year box office growth across the nation exceeded RMB 55.9 billion.

GVMH have concluded that this burgeoning market is a crucial advertising demographic to tap into, with figures indicating that over 85% of cinema-goers have a degree-level of education.

Targeted Advertising Solutions 

In fact, according to statistics from the National Cultural Industry Innovation Experiment Zone of the PRC, a staggering 70.4% of China’s cinema visitors have a Bachelor’s degree, with a further 16% educated to a Master’s level.

What’s more, the same figures reveal that 1/3 of this audience are in high-income employment, earning over 6,000 RMB a month.

The majority of audiences are of a younger age range, with only 11.1% of patrons proving 31 and older.

Consequently, the advertising platform provided by GVMH can provide clients with a targeted advertising solution focused upon China’s burgeoning middle class and the younger generation.

Opportunity for growth

Beyond further growth in China, GVMH is looking to expand internationally, capitalising on its recent listing.

Currently, the company has a less than 5% market share, signalling potential for considerable amplification of its business.