Could Brexit be finally done? This is a question which has been dominated news headlines since 2016, when Britain finally decided that they wanted to retract their membership from the European Union following David Cameron’s choice to delegate this decision to the British people.

Today, advances on Brexit negotiations have been made and it seems that the process of exiting the EU could finally be underway, something of massive relief to all parties involved within the Brexit process.

The European Parliament is expected to approve the terms of PM Johnson’s new deal for Brexit, as a vote will take place today to determine Britain’s future with the EU.

In total, 751 representatives will be debating the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement in Brussels, and it seems that politicians, legislators and representatives seem confident for this to deal to land.

Britain has seen a host full of leaders try and get the Brexit process done, since the resignation of David Cameron in 2016.

Theresa May had a crack and was not successful, then Boris Johnson took control, and had to beat a fragmented Labour party in the December election in order to gain a legitimate mandate to govern.

The vote today will represent the final stage of the ratification progress, ahead of the proposed exit time of 23:00GMT on Friday 31st January.

Many political commentators have already made their conclusions, deducing that the results of the vote have already been decided.

It seems that a clear majority are in favor of Britains’ Brexit deal, and there is growing confidence that Britain will be leaving the European Union on Friday, in time with the proposed deadline.

A copy of the withdrawal agreement, signed by the UK foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, was deposited in Brussels on Wednesday morning.

Raab said: “Signing the instrument of ratification of the withdrawal agreement is an historic moment that will legally bring an end to our membership of the European Union, and delivers on the promise we made to the British people.

“It is the start of a new chapter for an independent, sovereign Britain, looking forward to a decade of renewal and opportunity. Whether we are reducing trade barriers between nations, tackling climate change, or improving lives around the world, our vision of a truly global Britain will be a force for good.”

After three tireless years of voting, elections and negotiations it seems that PM Johnson has managed to deliver his main promise to the British people.

It must be said that the British people however seem rather disengaged with the whole Brexit issue, and many do not seem bothered about the historic nature of today’s vote.

With the Brexit deal now being signed, there will be a new phase of economic and political control for the United Kingdom. Politicians, businesses and citizens will all have to get used to the new form of governance.

Progress made today will certainly please the British people, not neccesarily on the terms of the new deal but rather the simple fact that Brexit is now “being done”.

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