London Stock Exchange opens North-American headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio

London Stock Exchange opens North-American headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio
London Stock Exchange opens North-American headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio

London Stock Exchange Group decides to open the North American headquarters of its Elite initiative in Cleveland, Ohio.

Elite Initiative

London Stock Exchange operates an international business-development initiative called Elite.

Elite initiative helps small to medium-sized companies grow.

Elite initiative has a successful history of helping small and medium-companies generate growth around the world.

For example, Elite helps businesses expand their reach by providing training and networking opportunities.

It connects businesses with investors as well as business consultants.

Elite’s network has more than 1,200 businesses and investors across 43 countries around the world.

London Stock Exchange Group announced that it will open its North American headquarters for the Elite initiative in Cleveland, Ohio.

London Stock Exchange Group will start operating its Cleveland headquarters by the start of next year.

Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland is one of the investment hubs of the United States. It is home to important cultural, educational and financial institutions.

Furthermore, Cleveland has a growing housing market as more and more professionals move to the city for work.

Elite initiative will hire an additional 40 employees with an annual payroll of $5 million.

Moreover, Cleveland expects positive annual growth amid London Stock Exchange’s decision to open its headquarters in the city.

The benefits of opening headquarters in Cleveland extend beyond the direct employment effect.

Global Connection

Elite initiative will build a global connection between Cleveland and the rest of the world by facilitating Cleveland’s access to capital.

Moreover, Elite Initiative’s international conference on business development will take place in Cleveland next year.

Elite Initiative has never hosted the conference outside of Europe in the past.

London Stock Exchange collaborated with JobsOhio, an economic development nonprofit to facilitate the expansion of its business in Northern America.

Growth Potential

Cleveland is home to many small and medium-sized enterprises, making the city an ideal location for London Stock Exchange.

Furthermore, Cleveland has a long history of institutional investment.

Additionally, Cleveland has multiple prestigious universities that are famous for their business programs.

Hence, London Stock Exchange recognizes Cleveland’s growth potential in finance, business development and banking.


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