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Millennials are leading the way in the bitcoin community

Bitcoin is up by 3.38% to $37,344.7824 in the past 24 hours

Bitcoin is constantly on the minds of investing-minded millennials as the cryptocurrency is viewed as a way of creating wealth.

It could even be that millennials’ interest in bitcoin is what paves the way for an eventual mass adoption.

Data collected by Crypto Parrot, the cryptocurrency trading simulator, shows that millennials aged between 25-35 lead the way in the bitcoin community with an engagement rate of 41.51%.

Those aged between 35 and 44 years old are the second-highest group with an engagement rate of 20.16%.

18-24, 45-54 and 55-64 year olds have respective engagement rates of 16.65%, 10.8% and 6.59%. While men (85.77%) are far engaged than women (14.23%).

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Crypto Parrot’s report suggests that the high engagement of young people could be linked to their lives revolving around the digital world more generally. “During this era, the financial system has shifted to digital products from banking to payments. Therefore, bitcoin being the pioneer digital currency, naturally suits millennial conversations,” the report said.

As millennials begin to seek financial maturity they are driving bitcoin’s adoption, betting on the asset’s portability, security, and global nature.

“As new generations are regularly ushered in the financial world, the tendency towards cryptocurrencies will potentially grow further. Furthermore, millennial children are witnessing their parents adopt and talk about bitcoin, a significant factor in sustaining bitcoin adoption,” the reports adds.

At the time of writing the price of bitcoin is up by 3.38% to $37,344.7824 in the past 24 hours.

This relative calm has spread across the wider crypto market, with other leading cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Cardano moving by less than 2% over the last day.

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