New Mexico nudges towards carbon neutral future

New Mexico has announced that it is set to launch a new ‘smart infrastructure’ and carbon neutral energy era alongside Agile Fractal Grid and Cityzenith, following the 2019 Energy Transition Act (ETA) granting the US state the position of global leader in the fight against climate change.

The partnership between energy supplier The Agile Fractal Grid (AFG) and software firm Cityzenith will see New Mexico develop a novel integrated power and broadband network which is expected to ‘transform life and the economy’ across the state and eventually ‘ripple outwards as other energy operators, states and nations see the benefits’.

The project’s developers have hailed its potential to generate ‘1,000s of new businesses, 100,000s of new jobs, better and faster data links, higher infrastructure efficiency, and up to six new smart cities’.

New Mexico – the 5th largest US state with a population of 2.35 million and GDP of $104 billion – has also announced its plans to replace its fossil fuel power with a cleaner ‘smart energy’ network, making use of the country’s rapidly-growing carbon neutral wind and solar energy markets.

Citizens will get to experience ‘smart’ IT benefits across ‘entertainment and hospitality venues, retail, transport hubs, health and hospitals, security, telecoms, power utilities, employment, and manufacturing’.

At the heart of the project is Cityzenith’s SmartWorldPro – the world’s most advanced Digital Twin platform – whose software will provide ‘efficient design before construction’ and also ‘streamline [the] ongoing operation and development of the new assets’.

Cityzenith CEO Michael Jansen welcomed New Mexico’s announcement:

“It’s the kind of visionary project SmartWorldPro was designed for and we are already modelling New Mexico’s biggest city, Albuquerque (915,000) before rolling out across the state over a 10-year program.

“SmartWorldPro can integrate with AFG’s futuristic portfolio of AI, smart building, and other technologies towards a ‘Smart Connected Community’ for cities, large venues, and even whole states.

“It’s easy to see the benefits for New Mexico, but this cutting-edge technology can go global, pushing back against urban pollution and Climate Change and trillions in economic and environmental damage”.

AFG CEO John Reynolds added:

“The project is a highly efficient deployment of services for 21st century public, commercial, and industrial needs.

“Cityzenith’s SmartWorldPro means we can show and deliver this data-rich ‘smart lifestyle’ to everyone in New Mexico – urban and rural.

“Longer-term, this sustainable power, comms, and lifestyle ‘reset’ could span North America, and national 10GB broadband may be just 10 years away”.

Last month, Cityzenith pledged its SmartWorldPro platform to helping the world’s most polluted cities achieve carbon neutrality.

Jansen commented on the firm’s ongoing projects towards carbon neutrality:

“The world’s top 100 most-polluting cities produce 18 per cent of global urban emissions and we will meet this challenge head-on, by going right to the biggest contributors first.

As one megacity reaps the benefits, so others and governments will follow their example. What works for one will work for all”.




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