President Donald Trump is impeached

President Donald Trump is impeached

The House of Representatives accused President Donald Trump of abusing his power, and obstructing Congress.

Following an incredibly long and detailed debate, The House of Representatives has found President Donald Trump guilty of both accounts of impeachment charges.

President Donald Trump has been impeached by the House of Representatives, becoming the third US president to be impeached.

Votes Fell Along Party Lines

Votes were along the party lines.

Almost all members of the Democratic Party voted for the charges while all members of the Republican Party voted against the charges.

Democratic Party senators keenly supported the impeachment process from the start while Republican Party senators booed the decision to impeach President Trump.

What Now?

President Trump is officially impeached. So what now?

Impeachment in itself is rather symbolic. It does not lead to automatic removal from office.

Impeachment initiates the first step towards removal from office.

Following the impeachment decision, President Trump will have a trial in the Senate.

The Senate will decide whether to remove the President from office.

The decision to remove President Trump from office requires not a simple majority but the two thirds of all votes in the Senate.

Low Chance of Removal

The majority of the Senate consists of Republican Party members.

A final vote to remove President Trump from office is highly unlikely.

While removal from office requires that at least 20 Republican senators vote in favour of removal, not a single one made a statement that they will support removal.

The Republican Party is likely to remain united along party lines, and vote against removal.

Upcoming Presidential Election

Donald Trump will probably be acquitted.

If acquitted, he will remain in office, and continue his campaign for the 2020 Presidential Elections.

While many believe that impeachment is a symbol of shame and dislike, his impeachment could work in favour of President Donald Trump in the upcoming election.

Bill Clinton, an impeached former President, saw an increase in his approval ratings following his impeachment.

Republican Party supporters might increase their support for President Donald Trump following his impeachment.

The decision to impeach President Donald Trump might not have an immediate practical impact.

However, it definitely does have a historical and symbolic impact. Impeachment is uncommon in American history.

President Donald Trump will have a special place in future history books.

People around the world will remember him as the one for the three impeached Presidents of the United States.

Impeachment is a historic decision not because of its practicality but because of its symbolic value as a rare occurrence in American politics.


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