Temple Bar Investment Trust performance slips with volatility

Temple Bar Investment Trust performance slips with volatility

British investment trust and value-based stock-picker Temple Bar Investment Trust (LON:TMPL) posted a net negative annual performance for the full year through December.

The company attributed the disappointing results to volatility in international markets, with political and macroeconomic phenomena causing a tentative outlook and stifled liquidity.

The company’s returns on net assets for the full year stood at negative 11.2% by the end of December – this compared to a total return of 9.5% on the FTSE All Share Index.

“So far this year there have been encouraging signs that the anti-value stance of the market might be beginning to reverse and performance in January was impressive as a result,” chairman Arthur Copple said.

“It is still, however, very early days.”

“We continue to face several political and economic risks over the short to medium term, not least the ramifications of Brexit negotiations.”

“A return to more volatile market conditions, while undoubtedly offering a bumpy ride, is likely to play to Temple Bar’s strengths.”

“Our preference — stated on many occasions — is to focus on an individual company’s financial strength and performance rather than seek to predict the direction of markets.”

“Through maintaining our approach of investing in a diversified portfolio of mainly UK domiciled companies and with strict adherence to a value based approach we believe that Temple Bar can continue to prosper, notwithstanding future uncertainties.”

“Furthermore, Temple Bar is well positioned to maintain its policy of paying a high and growing dividend for the foreseeable future.”

Temple Bar as a portfolio candidate

The company declared a final dividend for the year of 20.47p per share, after paying three interim dividends of 8.75p during the course of 2018.

At the end of December, the firm’s top holdings were GlaxoSmithKline (LON:GSK), Shell(AMS:RSDA), Capita (LON:CPI), BP (LON:BP) and Travis Perkins (LON:TPK). After a modest rally on Wednesday morning, Temple Bar shares are currently trading up 0.52p or 0.041% at 1,268.52p per share 20/02/19 13:55 GMT.