Templeton Emerging Markets reports positive performance

Templeton Emerging Markets reports positive performance

The UK’s largest global emerging markets investment trust, Templeton Emerging Markets Investment Trust plc (LON: TEM) reported a positive annual performance ahead of its benchmark.

The MSCI Emerging Markets Index total return was 0.1% for the full year through March. For the same twelve month period, the company posted a net asset value total return of 1.8%.

Templeton Comment

“At the time of writing, the company’s net asset value and share price have experienced a substantial recovery following the volatility experienced in late 2018,” Templeton Chairman Paul Manduca said.

“The board continues to support the investment manager in taking a long term view of investment.”

“We are encouraged by the resources which Franklin Templeton brings to bear on shareholders’ behalf and on the value that their analysts and portfolio managers are currently finding in emerging markets.”

“While there will inevitably be periods of volatility and setbacks along the way, as we consider a continuation vote that will in effect renew the mandate for the coming five years, the board remains confident that an investment in TEMIT should prove rewarding over the long term.”

Investment considerations

The Company has declared a full-year dividend of 16p per year, up on-year from 15p a share.

Templeton Emerging Markets shares are currently trading at 751p per share 06/06/19 14:05 GMT.