Are you going far enough in the analysis of your stocks?

Gain access to these 10 key ratios that are used by investment professionals day in, day out.

To give yourself an edge against the market you must dig deeper into the balance sheets, income statements and cash flows of companies to discover which ones are cheap and which ones are overvalued.

You will gain insight into vital indications of:
  • Valuation

  • Solvency

  • Leverage

  • Cash Flow

The guide you receive will detail how the 10 ratios are implemented and the formulas needed to calculate the ratios.

Each ratio has an explanation of the investment decision process and how you can interpret the ratios. These ratios will give you the ability to sift out the overvalued companies in a sector and those carrying an alarming amount of debt.

We have made a clear and concise PDF version available, you can request it to be emailed to you on the next page. Print this and keep it to hand, ready for the next time you review your portfolio.


View the 10 Ratios now:

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Terms & Conditions: Please view the full terms and conditions of the UK Investor Magazine before reading this guide. This guide was compiled along side investment professionals to give you the best educational experience. The document you will receive is designed to increase your knowledge and understanding but is not specific investment advice. All investments carry risk. By submitting your details you agree to be contacted by UK Investor Magazine and our partners in relation to financial information and educational tools. We accept not responsibility and will not be held liable for any losses arising from submitting your details and receiving this guide.

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