Conservative leadership

The Conservative leadership race is reaching its final stages, with Sajid Javid knocked out in the fourth round.

The Home Secretary received the least amount of votes, with 34 votes, leaving behind three other contenders.

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt fell to third place with 59 votes, whilst Environment Secretary Michael Gove slipped into second place with 61 votes.

This will prove a particular disappoint to Hunt, who had been holding on to second place for the last few weeks.

Meanwhile, Former Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, the clear front-runner, secured 157 votes.

Sajid Javid managed to knock out Rory Stewart earlier this week, an outsider candidate whose campaign had gained considerable momentum in recent weeks.

Taking to twitter to thank his supporters, Javid tweeted the following:

“Truly humbled by the support I have received from colleagues and Conservatives around the country. We ran to win, but I am incredibly proud of the race we have run together – #TeamSaj! Thank you”

Both the Gove and Hunt campaign teams will be scrambling to pick up votes from knocked out candidates before the second vote this evening.

The Conservative leadership contest should reach a finale on July 22 when the new PM will be selected.

Theresa May’s successor will be under pressure to deliver on Brexit, as well as whether to hold an election to secure a public mandate.