Fully Managed UK Forestry Investment

with a TAX-FREE return

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We offer our clients the opportunity to invest directly into a managed Forestry investment located in the UK or Ireland. Forestry pays an annual income through the Government grant scheme and regular selective thinnings.
The returns achieved range from 8.5% per year up to 18.5% depending on site and location. Under current tax legislation, all income from Forestry is tax free. There is no capital gains tax on the growth in the value of the timber and there is No Inheritance Tax, once the property is held for more than 2 years.

Investment Summary

  • Returns average 8.5% over the previous 21 years

  • Regular payment through government grant scheme

  • Capital growth through natural tree growth of 11% per year

  • Tax-free returns

  • Minimum entry level €14,000

  • Full land ownership during investment period

  • 5,10 & 15 year terms available

Returns are paid annually as follows:

⇒Government Grant Scheme – €320 per acre

⇒Selective Thinnings – €780 per acre

All returns from Forestry in the UK and Ireland are currently TAX-FREE under current legislation

Annual Payments

Payments are made each year on the anniversary of the investment. Investors can choose their returns either by cheque or wire transfer.

We offer individual the opportunity to invest in a privately managed mature forestry investment.

Investment Dynamics

Demand for timber continues to grow due to improving economic conditions in Europe and further development of Biomass as a commercial energy supply. When you consider this fact along with recent EU legislation in 2013, requiring all companies in Europe who purchase timber to ensure that it comes from a sustainable source has meant that supply has been reduced by up to 20% annually, this will continue to drive timber prices higher, and ensure significant profits for timber growers in Europe.

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