Ryanair and Wizz Air release November passenger figures

Ryanair and Wizz Air release November passenger figures

Shareholders of Ryanair Holdings plc (LON: RYA) and Wizz Air Holdings PLC (LON: WIZZ) have seen their shares in green on Tuesday after the firms reported their monthly passenger figures.

Shares of Ryanair currently trade at €13 (+0.35%), whilst Wizz Air shares have seen a 0.025% boost to 3,950p. 3/12/19 11:17BST.

Both firms have seen mixed results, in a time where the airline industry has appeared to be in decline. After the collapse of Thomas Cook in September, firms have been cautious.

At the start of November, Ryanair saw its shares rise despite lower profit expectations narrowing from €800 million to €900 million to  €750 million to €950 million.

FTSE250 listed Wizz Air, raised their profit and capacity forecasts, but did not quite spark shareholder optimism as shares stayed in red.

The Irish carrier said group traffic rose by 5.8% to 11.0 million from 10.4 million in November 2018. The figure includes its eponymous Ryanair brand and Austrian airline Lauda.

In the Ryanair division, November traffic rose by 4.0% year-on-year to 10.5 million from 10.1 million and in Lauda, by 67% to 500,000 from 300,000 last year.

Wizz Air reportrefd a November capacity increase of 27% to 3.2 million from 2.6 million, while load factor rose 92.8% to 91.2%.

Available seat kilometres was up by 21% to 5.2 million from 4.3 million and revenue passenger kilometres grew by 4.9 million from 3.9 million in November 2018.

On a rolling annual basis, capacity is up 15% to 41.8 million, total passengers up by 17% to 39.1 million with load factor up 1.3 percentage points to 93.6%.

During November, the Hungarian carrier added 11 new routes, which included 4 in Poland, 2 in Ukraine and 1 in the UK.

While the airline industry gets ever more competitive, it seems that Fastjet (LON: FJET) are struggling to stay afloat. The firm saw its shares crash last week as it considered to sell its Zimbabwe operations.

Despite the apparent increase in passenger figures reported by both firms, it seems that many players in the airline industry are still treading cautiously, and firms may wait for more long term visibility before producing strong results.