WeSwap: unused foreign currency research

WeSwap: unused foreign currency research

New research revealed on Monday that an average of £90 in excess currency is brought back to the UK from each trip abroad.

WeSwap conducted research from a sample of over 2000 adults in the UK, revealing the amount of excess currency returned back to Britain after trips abroad.

The research also shows that 27% save the spare currency for the next trip, 19% use it at duty free and 10% use the cash to purchase gifts or souvenirs. Only 9% currently change the currency back.

“Our research confirms that a huge amount of money goes to waste every year, but holidaymakers – especially those who are going away for the October half-term – should rest assured that there are ways to ensure their hard earned money stretches as far as possible,” CEO of WeSwap, Jared Jesner said in a statement.

“For example, buy back services allow customers to return excess currency and swap it back into pounds – this is particularly useful as the pound’s value has been so inconsistent recently. Swapping holiday currency back to Sterling may get you more money than you first thought,” the CEO continued.

“Also, it is worth bearing in mind that it is best to find free ATMs while abroad. You can also avoid further charges by withdrawing more money less often. And if an ATM or merchant asks if you want to be charged in the local currency, always say yes,” the CEO said.

With the October half-term approaching, many will want to take a break from Britain and seek out some final drops of sun elsewhere.

WeSwap provided a list of destinations to visit for under £90 this month:

  • Dublin, Ireland from £20
  • Toulouse, France from £24
  • Bologna, Italy from £25
  • Stockholm, Sweden from £36
  • Berlin, Germany from £48

Last month we took a look at Bologna, the heart of Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region, as a travel destination.

Elsewhere in travel, news emerged last month that Thomas Cook had collapsed, leaving thousands of British holidaymakers stranded abroad.

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