Labour backs early general election in December

Labour backs early general election in December
Labour backs early general election in December

Last week, Members of Parliament rejected Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s timetable for debating his Brexit deal.

Brexit Update

Prime Minister Boris Johnson called for a UK general election in December amid failure to pass his timetable.

Labour announced its opposition to the bill calling for an early general election.

However, it seems that Labour has changed its mind amid updates from Brussels.

Following the failure of his timetable plan, Prime Minister Boris Johnson unwillingly asked for another extension of the Brexit deadline.

Extended Brexit Deadline

Yesterday, the European Union announced its approval of a further Brexit extension until February 2020.

The extension granted by the European Union is flexible.

The United Kingdom can pass a Brexit deal before the extended deadline. In that case, conditions of the deadline extension allow the United Kingdom to leave the European Union before February 2020.

Following the European Union’s approval of an extension, Jeremy Corbyn confirms that Labour supports Boris Johnson’s bill calling for a general election in December.

As a result of European Union’s extension, the United Kingdom has the ability to finalise a Brexit deal after the general election takes place.

Labour’s Reaction

The European Union’s approval of an extension creates an opportunity for Labour.

The outcome of Brexit will depend on general election results.

The winner is likely to influence the content of a future Brexit deal.

Consequently, Labour announces that the party is keen to launch one of its most radical election campaigns of its history.

Jeremy Corbyn says Labour is ready for a general election now that a no-deal Brexit is off the table for the next three months.

The European Union’s approval of an extension fulfilled Labour’s goal of avoiding a no-deal Brexit.

Age Restrictions

Following its approval of a general election, Labour announces that it will push to give 16 and 17 years old citizens the right to vote in the general election.

The age restriction on voting in the United Kingdom had previously been lifted during the Brexit referendum.

Lowering the age limit to 16 could change the outcome of the general election.

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