US Election: Does Bernie Sanders hold the high hand?

The US Election is proposing a lot of different questions for the US people, the global audience and political commentators – I want to look at Bernie Sanders’ chance of taking this election by storm.

Bernie Sanders, who is currently the favorite to run against Donald Trump in November is making significant ground as the prime candidate to represent the Democrat Party.

The Democrat candidate produced an impressive win at the Nevada caucuses, and this is one signal that he is not a candidate that Donald Trump should be taking lightly.

The Vermont Senator has the ability to connect with a younger audience, who are engaged with left wing Liberalism in a country which has been dominated by the far right over the last few years.

One interesting thing, is that even in this election Bernie Sanders has still described himself as a democratic socialist – a title which does come with its backlash.

Super Tuesday is just around the corner, and whilst candidates have been sprinting to win as many votes, Sanders is taking a marathon approach.

This election cycle is certainly producing some interesting results – with the recent announcement that billionaire Bloomberg would running inside the Democrat Party, the race has never been so open.

Going back to Bernie Sanders however, the Vermont Senator seems to have caught an interesting audience, mixing diversity with youth. He was seen as the top choice for voters under 65, and has particularly sparkled with college graduates and those who have not been university educated.

Sanders may not need the support of big businesses and corporations, unlike his rival Republican counterpart in Donald Trump.

One of the reasons why Trump won the Presidency in 2016 was because of his pledges to favor big business, cutting red tape and creating an economy dominated by multinationals.

Most of his funding comes from small businesses, and individuals who align with his theory of social equality and communitarianism.

Internal competition comes from former Vice President Joe Biden, who at one points seemed like the favorite to run against Trump – however Sanders’ strategy team seem to be playing the right cards, and just before Super Tuesday he holds the highest hand.

Party internals have had their say on Sanders, suggesting that he is too liberal to beat Trump in November – however if Sanders continues his impressive run, then there may not be a chance to stop the Senator.

There is still a lot of ground to be made up in this election, and to suggest that Sanders will win the Democratic nomination is rather speculative.

Super Tuesday is famous for its decisive nature in any US Election, and if Sanders can capture a significant amount of ground then this could put him in a favorable position going forward.

“Together we will defeat the most dangerous president in the modern history of this country,” Sanders said in Houston, a certainly bold statement within a state that is traditionally red.

Just from the quote above, this sums up Sanders’ approach to this election. In essence, he has nothing to lose – he can afford to be brave, challenge the current incumbent and change the face of American politics if he successfully beats Trump in November.

However, this is all speculative at the moment. As is any great US Election – bumps, twists and turns are always round the corner. There is a real chance on Super Tuesday for Sanders to stampede his mark on this election, and the fact that he is connected with what seem to be ‘marginalized’ communities under the Trump administration puts him in great footing to be the Democrat Party’s challenger to the current US President.

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