The US Election is transitioning very quickly – new stories, developments and pledges are changing everyday as candidates look to rally up support.

The Democratic Party – who are challengers for the 2020 election to Donald Trump’s establishment are in a tough spot at the moment.

Partisan divisions continue to surface around the blue party, with factions such as the Blue Dog’s wanting to advocate a right wing natured hybrid version of liberalism.

Last night, Democratic Party candidates took their next step in the US Election cycle as internal candidates battled to drum up support from the American people.

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg took to the stage for the first time – as an American business man, in similar fashion to Donald Trump looking to win the White House.

The caucuses in Nevada, and Super Tuesday is fast approaching. This is when another 14 states will be able to vote for the candidate which they align with most – however the fragmented nature of last nights debate will pose a quick question for voters.

Attacks were recorded on underdog Bloomberg for his previous comments on race, sex and ethnicity.

Bloomberg, the multi billionaire was quick to defend his stance and reason for running against Donald Trump this election. He said that he had the best chance of winning the White House on November 3rd, as his public speaking, soundbites and confidence were all put to the test.

The Democratic party are in a unique position – with such a breadth of different candidates, it seems that voters will have an interesting selection to pick from.

However – this could be a problem. If no one candidate does win total support across all Democratic voters, then there could be speculation that Donald Trump will get another four years in office.

The election is in quite an unpredictable position, before candidates would be considered favorites based on the amount of money that they had raised, through PAC’s and Super PAC’s.

However, there seems to be a shift in the type of candidates that are winning the support of voters, which makes the US Election an interesting one.

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